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Exhibition openings

Exhibition opening "JETZT & ALLES" of the Literature Museum of the Austrian National Library 
25 April 2023, German Book and Script Museum Leipzig as part of the Guest Country appearance at the Leipzig Book Fair

Of Gardens and People. Designed Nature, Art and Landscape Architecture
29 March 2023, State Hall

Opening of the travelling exhibition "Stefan Zweig. World Author" at the Stadt:Bibliothek Salzburg, 22 February 2023

Fischer von Erlach and the Emperor’s State Hall. 300 years of baroque splendour
11 January 2023, Weltmuseum

Ingeborg Bachmann. A Homage
16 November 2022, Weltmuseum

The Emperor's Most Beautiful Animals.
23 March 2022, State Hall

Utopias and Apocalypses. The Invention of the Future in Literature
7 October 2020, Literature Museum

Beethoven. World of the Man and Spark of the Gods
18 December 2020, State Hall

In vino veritas. Wine in ancient Egypt.
13 June 2019, Papyrus Museum

Vienna. A city seen through literature.
11 April 2020, Literature Museum

Emperor Maximilian I. A Great Habsburg.
14 March 2019, State Hall

Berg, Wittgenstein, Zuckerkandl: Central figures of Viennese Modernism
21 March 2018, Literature Museum

Treasury of Knowledge. 650 Years of Austrian National Library
25 January 2018, State Hall

300 Years of Freemasons. The True Secret
22 June 2017, State Hall

Manuscripts and papyri: The routes of knowledge
18 May 2017, Papyrus Museum

The High of Writing
27 April 2017, Literature Museum 

Maria Theresa. The Habsburg‘s most powerful woman
16 February 2017, State Hall

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